What’s the Low Down?

The blank page.  The dreaded blank page.

Starting to write something (be it a speech, a cartoon, a novel, an obituary, a dive bar bathroom stall, drunk wall scrawling at 3 am), can be daunting and overwhelmingly lonesome (especially when the bathroom scrawl was about a guy she was crushing on but he jumped ship when she came out of the bathroom, which didn’t stop her from yelling out to him in the street, “I love you to the ends of the Earth.  The Ends of the Earth!” Meanwhile, they just met that night.)  (And no, that didn’t happen to me – uh, it happened to a friend of mine. Yah…yah, a friend).

I would like this site to be a place where one can come to be inspired, to laugh and to share writing tips/exercises.

But I mostly laugh because if I wasn’t laughing I’d probably be crying.  So let’s try to keep this light and humorous – a chance to see and find the happy in everyone and everything.

If you want to share stories and future exercises or any other feedback on this site, shoot me an email  (lenoirestblanc@gmail.com) and we’ll get er’ done.

Enjoy the journey from pen to paper or keyboard keys to computer to cell phone wordpress app, to a bajillion other ways to get our words out there!

Happy wording, Folks



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